Tore Møgster


Tore has extensive experience as a top manager in both large and medium-sized companies. Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of working closely with people. He has particularly broad expertise from industry, the offshore and marine industry, but has also worked extensively with property development, climate, energy and sustainability as well as IT with solution architecture and system integrations.

In recent times, he has had the pleasure of working as a manager in property and worked a lot with urban and local development in several companies. He has also had a leading role in a national company within sustainability and renewable energy.

Tore has considerable expertise in change management and strategic development, and he has been a central figure in building companies from the ground up to become leading players in Norway. Tore has also led and implemented major restructuring projects in various companies.

Throughout his professional career, he has held the position of chairman of the board, which has given him solid insight and experience in board work.

In recent years, he has also invested time in further education as a coach and career advisor at Maxwell University in Orlando in the USA.

Tore’s primary areas of expertise within recruitment/search are top and middle managers in various industries, as well as positions within subject specialists for the following job areas: management, strategy, sales, development, disruption, IT, project management and recruitment for boards.

Tore is certified on the analysis tools OPTO and CORE