Siv Ekrem


Siv Ekrem has worked as a professional recruiter and business advisor for the past 10 years. Educated Marketing Economist from IHM, Consultant for Nor Selection Recruitment since 2019 and has extensive experience in recruitment, search and onboarding of managers and middle managers, specialists and key personnel.

Broad experience and background from the trade fair industry, events, culture and sport (NTF, Grete Waitz-Løpet, Quart festival and the Pavarotti concert, ) in project management, concept development, sponsorship rates, marketing and sales. Marketing manager within IT/technical sales and background from retail/sport in Germany.

Special area and network linked to companies in the private business sector within logistics, project management, finance, retail, sales/technical sales and marketing.

Certified on DNV certified occupational psychology tools – OPTO and Core