At Nor Selection, we work to ensure that our clients and candidates find each other with our assistance, and that we, as advisers, ensure the path to a future working relationship in the best possible way.


OPTO is a personality test where the scores give you information about the candidate’s most important drivers for job performance and the extent to which the candidate matches the job’s requirements for personal qualities.

ACE and CORE are cognitive ability tests designed to assess logical analytical reasoning. The tasks in ACE and CORE explore and uncover this ability and make it possible to assess the potential of the individual’s analytical and logical abilities.

All advisers in Nor Selection are certified users of the test tool. Read more about the individual test and test tool at or contact us for more information.


Semac AS is Norway’s leading supplier of background checks. Nor Selection Rekruttering has collaborated with Semac AS for a long time, and buys services from the company, which conducts background checks on candidates at the end of a recruitment process.

A background check is essentially an independent 3rd party verification of the information provided by the job applicant, as well as a review of a number of security-related checkpoints. A background check from Semac can uncover everything from irregularities relating to CVs, experience, competence and education to a history of outrageous statements, breaches of the criminal law, conflicts and reputation issues.

Background checks increase the quality of the internal recruitment work, strengthen the employer’s reputation and have a preventive effect on the non-serious part of the applicant pool.